Workshop: Beyond the statistics: Examining the lived-experience of South Sudanese displacement

Location: National Museum of Uganda, Kampala

Date: 26th May 2017

South Sudan’s current conflict has again forced hundreds of thousands of residents out of their homes and across borders. The scale, speed, and complexity of the crisis has reinforced the popular use of statistical descriptors, explanations of ‘inter-ethnic violence’, and counter-intuitively impersonalised stories of ‘victims’. The advocacy of this explanatory industry – whilst based on good intentions – often silences and flattens local experience. Despite wide scholarly criticism, it is often generalised narratives that continue to shape how global publics conceive of African refugees in war.

This one-day workshop aims to bring together South Sudanese communities, scholars and activists to discuss other ways of seeing this long and painful history of displacement. Together we aim to historicise and deepen our perspectives on the current crisis and conflict in South Sudan, exploring the practical, intellectual and emotional politics and history of displacement.